A district on a digital transformation journey.

Welcome to Daniel Mubva Primary School.

  • Our school is digitally transforming, and we are preparing and equipping our teaching and learning community for a modern connected world. 
  • We encourage everyone in our school ecosystem to play their part and participate by supporting this digital transformation journey to the benefit of everyone as we are #DoingMoreWithLess.
  • We are leveraging technology by using our School New Website, NextSchool mobile app and other Digital Resources.


To transform the society of Ha-Ravele by eradicating illiteracy and innumeracy.Creating adults who are equipped with skills to sustain their lives and ensure they live in a health, safe and caring environment.

Our Vision

To transform the society of Ha-Ravele by eradicating illiteracy and innumeracy ,creating adults who are equipped with skills to sustain their lives and to ensure they live in a healthy, safe and caring environment

Our Values and Ethos

Inculcate in students the qualities of both head and heart to combat the challenges of the complex world of today.

Our Mission

Encouraging all children of school going age to enroll at our school intervening when learners do not achieve expected learning outcomes.Motivating parents to enrolat our AET center.Equiping learners and parents with agricultural skills by laying a vegetable garden and orchard.Conducting sex education and coping sessions at the school ( Targeting both parents and learners).Create awareness of HIV/AIDS,cancer , heritage and importance of religion.Ptimote safe habits throughout the school community.Building capacity of SGB members, educators , parents and members of all school committees to enable them to seve the school better.Providing support to needy , traumatized and vulnerable children.Upholding the values of life as enshrined in the constitution of the country.


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NSNP Food handler Post Toss


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